10 Fascinating Aspects of 80s Breakdancing Culture and its Enduring Legacy


The 80s Breakdancing culture was a compelling global phenomenon that drastically altered the dance landscape. This dynamic art form, renowned for its captivating moves and distinctive style, emanated from urban societies, spawning a novel mode of expression.

Birth of Breakdancing

Otherwise known as ‘B-boying’ or ‘breaking,’ breakdancing sprouted in the South Bronx towards the end of the 70s. It was the offshoot of a cultural revolution, propelled by African American and Latino youngsters. These vibrant individuals found freedom and solace in the rhythm of hip-hop music, using their physicality to showcase their artistic prowess and resilience.

Breakdancing: A Cultural Revolution of the 80s

The 80s witnessed an astronomical rise in breakdancing’s appeal. It transcended the confines of the South Bronx, infiltrating mainstream culture. Movies like ‘Flashdance’ and ‘Breakin’ catapulted breakdancing into the spotlight, sparking a worldwide trend. From urban street corners to bustling schoolyards, breakdancing became the signature dance style of this vibrant generation.

Quintessence of Breakdancing

Breakdancing is distinguished by its dynamic components – Toprock, Downrock, Power moves, and Freezes. These elements collectively form the quintessence of breakdancing, each infusing a unique flavor into the dance.

Toprock: This forms the introductory sequence of any breakdance routine. It involves standing actions rhythmically harmonized with the music.

Downrock: This incorporates all footwork executed on the floor. Agility and strength are critical here as dancers utilize their hands for support while their feet perform swift motions.

Power Moves: These are acrobatic elements that include spins, flips, and slides. They demand physical expertise and provide the wow factor in a breakdance routine.

Freezes: These are poses where dancers abruptly stop all movement to emphasize a beat or rhythm in the music. They necessitate immense strength and equilibrium.

80s Breakdancing culture

Fashion’s Role in Breakdancing during the 80s

Fashion significantly influenced breakdancing culture. The typical attire for 80s breakdancing was a blend of style and comfort. Baggy trousers, Adidas footwear, Kangol hats, and oversized sweatshirts were iconic fashion staples in the breakdance scene.

Breakdancing’s Impact on Pop Culture

The influence of breakdancing extended beyond dance and fashion, playing a crucial role in shaping pop culture. This art form prominently featured in music videos and films, contributing to its global appeal.

Breakdancing Today: Keeping the Spirit Alive

Despite its mainstream popularity fading post-80s, breakdancing continues to flourish in underground settings and global dance battles. The enthusiasm for this art form hasn’t faded; rather, it has evolved over time, keeping the flame of the 80s burning bright.

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80s Breakdancing culture was more than a mere dance style; it was a cultural revolution that pushed limits and redefined the dance realm. Its enduring legacy continues to inspire and influence, standing as a testament to the power of artistic expression. For more details, visit the Wikipedia page on breakdancing.

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