10 Facts to know about the Best Break Dancer in the World

Masters of Break Dancing

Break dancing, often referred to as “breaking”, traces its roots to the lively areas of New York City’s Bronx in the 1970s. Emphasizing acrobatic flips, spins, and movements in rhythm with hip-hop, funk, soul beats, it’s a dance form wrapped in passion. We plunge into the artistic facets of breaking and spotlight the best break dancer in the world.

The Growth and Change in Break Dancing

Primordial ties of break dancing are linked to African and Latin American dance forms of the early 20th century. It further developed by fusing elements from martial arts, capoeira, and gymnastics. The worldwide acceptance of breaking has solidified with its addition to the lineup of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

The Torchbearers of Break Dancing

Break dancing wouldn’t be what it is without its stellar pioneers such as “Crazy Legs”, the “Rock Steady Crew,” “Afrika Bambaataa,” as well as the “Zulu Kings”. However, one dancer’s prowess eclipses others, establishing him as the (strong)world’s best break dancer.

B-Boy Menno: The World Following His Moves

Introducing B-Boy Menno—a Dutch prodigy who started dancing at the tender age of 12. Menno Van Gorp, now a revered figure in the world of breaking, exemplifies artistic agility.

Menno: A Journey of Stardom

Contrary to many urban dancers, Menno originated from a different setting. His passion was ignited in the tranquil town of Heerlen in the southern part of the Netherlands.

Menno’s Dance Style: An Affair of Innovation and Art

Incorporating his love for visual arts into his dance, Menno has developed his distinctive form. His signature includes creative top rock sequences, smooth footwork, and energy-filled freeze transitions.

The Laurels of Menno: The World Championships and Beyond

Menno has been crowned world champion multiple times, validating his remarkable skill in break dancing. His first dose of global acclaim came with the Red Bull BC One World Championship in 2014, where he was the first from the Netherlands and Europe.

The Influence of Menno

A creator and a dancer, Menno enhances his style by incorporating graffiti and design elements, pushing the boundaries of break dancing. He inspires dancers around the globe.

best break dancer in the world

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Finale: The Tale of B-Boy Menno’s Magnificence

B-Boy Menno, the best break dancer in the world, sets high standards for aspiring dancers. His journey and skill are altering the future of break dancing, securing his position in its historical timeline.

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