7 Eye-Opening Steps to Master Bone Break Dance


Mastering Bone Break Dance, an offbeat dance genre, encapsulates bewitching bodily twists and contortions. Labeled as flexing, this urban dance variant hails from Brooklyn, New York, and has captivated global audiences. It flaunts arm contortions, inverted body postures, and spine-bending flexibility that astonishes spectators. This inclusive guide unveils the methodology of mastering the Bone Break Dance.

The Origins and Development of Bone Break Dance

Before navigating through the techniques of Bone Break Dance, understanding its origins and development is essential. The dance genre came to life in Brooklyn, with its aesthetics drawing from dance styles like Bruk Up, Tutting, and the influences from martial arts and parkour. Bone Break Dance gained popularity in the late 2000s, propelled by YouTube sensations and street sequence performances.

The Art Behind the Dance: Bone Break Dance Fundamentals

The Bone Break Dance builds on several exclusive components from dislocation illusions, tutting, gliding to waving. A robust foundation is key before exploring advanced techniques. Initiating with a warm-up and basic stretches prepares your body for what’s to come. In successive sections, we break down essential techniques into manageable steps.

Dislocation Illusions: These are the hallmark moves of Bone Break Dance, featuring unnatural arm gestures reminiscent of dislocations. The ‘Dead Arm,’ ‘Crazy Arms,’ and ‘Spider Walk’ are beginner moves.

Tutting: This technique involves aggressive, angular arm and hand motions, inspired by ancient Egyptian artistry. ‘King Tut,’ ‘Box Tut,’ and ‘Finger Tut’ are common tutting techniques in the Bone Break Dance.

Gliding and Floating: Smooth dance steps where the dancer appears to glide across the floor, adding elegance and fluidity to otherwise intense movements.

Waveforms: These involve creating an illusion of a wave propagating across the body. Upper and Lower Body Waves, Arm Waves, and Finger Waves are fundamental to the Bone Break Dance.

Grasping the Nuances: Detailed Movement of Bone Break Dance

To impeccably execute the Bone Break Dance, comprehending the movement dynamics is key. Understanding the dance mechanics, force lines, rotation axes, and pivot points facilitates precision and minimizes injury risk.

Master Bone Break Dance

Shaping Your Own Style and Routines

With the basics under your belt, creating your own combinations, routines, and unique styles is your next move as you evolve as a dancer. This development amplifies your performances, rendering them distinctive and memborable.

Consistent Practice: The Path to Master Bone Break Dance

Similar to other intense physical activities, Bone Break Dance demands constant practice and unmatched commitment. Routine workouts, flexibility drills, and strength exercises significantly enhance your endurance and mastery levels over the dance genre.

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Beyond the fundamentals: Advanced Bone Breaking

As your journey in Bone Break Dance progresses, you can experiment with advanced moves that infuse your performance with additional flair. This includes intricate dislocations, unpredictable tutting combinations, and involved wave patterns.

Conclusion: Immersing in the World of Bone Break Dance

Bone Break Dance presents a splendid display of human imagination and biological agility. Each new move offers a distinct challenge and a fresh exploration avenue. With practice, patience, and passion, one can tread an unconventional path in this entertaining and creative art form.


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