Jerusalema Dance Challenge: Decoding the 7 Stages of Its Unstoppable Ascend

Our contemporary world has witnessed various viral trends, but none have enchanted the hearts of people universally like the Jerusalema Dance Challenge. This South African gospel-influenced phenomenon, characterized by a captivating dance routine, has morphed into a symbol of unity in the wake of a global pandemic, proving to be a powerful catalyst of positivity on a worldwide scale.

Phase 1: The Birth of the Jerusalema Dance Challenge

The Jerusalema Dance Challenge finds its humble beginnings in late 2019 when its creators, South African DJ and record producer, Master KG, collaborated with vocalist, Nomcebo Zikode. This partnership ignited an Afro-pop sensation, entitled “Jerusalema”, which quickly ignited across Africa before igniting the rest of the world.

During these unparalleled times, the world sought a beacon of hope, which Jerusalema perfectly embodied. The uplifting message behind it connected with millions, breaking through language boundaries and uniting people globally through dance.

The “Jerusalema” song not only has an upbeat rhythm but also carries a powerful aura of optimism and hope.

Phase 2: Dance Progression

The dance routine paired with Jerusalema was ignited by a group of Angolan friends who posted a spontaneous video of themselves, drawing deep into the groove of the tune. This choreography, characterized by its irresistible rhythm and footwork, quickly went viral on social media. It’s fascinating to consider that the outstanding and captivating tiktok dance challenge list you cant miss included Jerusalema, a testament to its global impact.

Jerusalema Dance Challenge

Phase 3: The Birth of a Global Trend

The dance challenge soon transcended beyond the borders of ordinary citizens and celebrities, embraced enthusiastically by people from all walks of life. It found favour among diverse demographic and cultural factions of society, showcasing the power of music to unite people amidst crisis and adversity.

Phase 4: Social Media Takeover

The vibrant platforms of KWANGWARU, Fenomenos do Instagram and numerous others, were lit by the glow of videos that showcased people embracing the dance challenge. TikTok provided a new heights to its popularity with the hashtag ‘#JerusalemaDanceChallenge’ accumulating billion of views. It provided a clear affirmation of social media’s influence in propagating global trends.

Phase 5: A Social Tool

Even in the face of fear, unemployment, and isolation, the Jerusalema Dance Challenge offered a glimmer of hope and joy. It became a token of solidarity and unity prevailed globally and transcended racial, religious, and creed boundaries.

Phase 6: The Impact of Its Musical Success

The dance’s success was complemented by its catchy, upbeat track that achieved chart-topping status. It raced to international fame as it achieved platinum status in Italy, and topped the charts in 10 countries. The song received overwhelming positive reviews globally, underscoring the universal appeal it possessed.

Phase 7: The Journey Ahead

The Jerusalema Dance Challenge transcended its viral status to etch itself in global history as one of the most resonant phenomena, especially during a period of widespread distress. It serves as an explicit example of unity and happiness through the universal language of music and dance against a backdrop of adversity.


The Jerusalema Dance Challenge offers a powerful demonstration of how dance and music can drive unity, reinforcing hope in times of despair. It stands as a tribute to the endurance of the human spirit, proving that resilience can overcome any challenge by dancing its way through. The Jerusalema Dance Challenge is more than just a viral dance trend; it is the representation of humanity’s indomitable spirit.

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