5 Essential Tips to Choosing Ballroom Dancing Shoes for Beginners

Presenting a Definitive Guide

Nothing complements the rhythmic flow of ballroom dancing like the perfect shoes. Is the task of picking the right pair of ballroom dancing shoes for beginners causing jitters? Shed those worries as we delve into a list that will guide you in this decision-making process.

Importance of the Right Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Wondering if there’s a need to spend on a specialized pair of ballroom dancing shoes as a neophyte? Undoubtedly, yes! The shoes don’t just amp up your performance but provide essential grip and flexibility that ordinary shoes lack.

Building Knowledge on Good Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Identifying a good pair of ballroom dancing shoes as a novice can be overwhelming. Here’s what you need to ensure your pair possesses:

1. Flexibility: A good pair allows ease of foot movement, providing flexibility to your dance steps.

2. Suede Soles: The most desired ballroom dancing shoes come with suede soles. This material offers an ideal blend of grip and glide on the dance floor.

ballroom dancing shoes for beginners

3. Heel Height: Novices should stick to a heel of 1-2 inches as it assures the right stability for beginners.

4. Supportive Straps: Prefer ballroom dancing shoes with straps, particularly around the ankle. They keep the shoe secure and provide necessary support as you dance.

5. Comfortable Fit: Comfort remains paramount in selecting any footwear. Your shoe should neither be too tight nor too loose.

Shopping for Your Perfect Pair

After understanding the basis, the next challenge lies in unveiling the perfect pair of ballroom dancing shoes. Where to look for them?

1. Online Marketplaces: Beginning your hunt from online stores like Amazon or eBay, can be a great idea as they offer a wide variety of options.

2. Specialized Outlets: Although a tad more expensive, these outlets supply a selected range of options, ideal for newcomers to ballroom dancing.

3. Dance Studios: A dance studio might have tie-ups with shoemakers, making it a viable spot to find your perfect shoes also offering you insights into the ultimate guide to men’s dance shoes.

Brands to Invest In

For excellent quality ballroom dancing shoes, consider exploring these names:

1. Capezio: Their shoes offer great comfort and flexibility, making them a preferred choice among dancers.

2. Bloch: Bloch stands out due to its reliable range of dance shoes. They provide a selection of styles.

3. Werner Kern: The German brand Werner Kern impresses with their fashionable range of ballroom dancing shoes. They promise superior comfort in a plethora of styles.

Looking After Your Dance Shoes

Your fine pair of ballroom dancing shoes can serve you longer if maintained well. Regularly brushing the suede would maintain its texture, while using shoe bags for storage and airing shoes after use enhances their lifespan.

Wrapping Up

In the vibrant world of ballroom dance, attention to detail takes centre stage. Ballroom dancing shoes are beyond a fashion accessory; they affect a dancer’s performance. So, as a beginner, it’s highly crucial to make a thoughtful investment in quality ballroom dancing shoes and ensure good upkeep.

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