10 Exciting Facts about Capezio Dance Shoes You Must Know


Capezio Dance Shoes, a brand steeped in history, reign the dance universe, delivering unmatched diversity and globally recognized quality. Whether it’s ballet slippers, tap footwear, or jazz or character shoes, Capezio’s centennial expertise reflects in its top-notch dance shoe production.

Origin of Capezio

Our enchanting tale of Capezio Dance Shoes initiates with Salvatore Capezio, an Italian immigrant, who set up a humble shoe repair shop in New York City, opposite the Metropolitan Opera House, in 1887. A shoemaker by craft, his reputation for crafting and fixing ballet shoes soon birthed a well-established dance shoe company. Currently, Capezio dominates as an unparalleled producer and global distributor of dance shoes, known for its design diversity.

Ballet Footwear by Capezio

Capezio’s ballet footwear highlights include superior adaptability, endurance, and comfort. They’re engineered to support every dancer’s move using featherweight, breathable materials, promoting extraordinary flexibility and counteracting fatigue. A noteworthy model being the Capezio Turning Pointe 55 ballet shoe that provides dancers a smooth turning sequence with its circular, non-slip suede pad.

Jazz it up with Capezio

Jazz shoes by Capezio, meant to offer flexibility and a snug fit invariably enhance the dancer’s expressive movements. One of Capezio’s coveted models – Capezio E-Series Jazz Oxford Shoe, offers significant ankle mobility and a comfortable fit, seamlessly fitting both novice and seasoned dancers.

Synchronizing Rhythm with Capezio

In the realm of tap dancing, the Capezio Women’s 443 Tapster Tap Shoe holds a significant position. The shoe’s Tele Tone heel and toe taps produce a sonorous sound, its close lace-up fit, and cushioned footbed enhance its attraction.

Capezio Character Footwear: Elevate your Act

Capezio’s character shoes, celebrated for their durability and design allure, are widely chosen for theater acts. The Capezio Women’s 650 Student Footlight Character Shoe ensures a stable, effortless performance with its non-slip heel and is compatible with tap fittings.

Capezio Dance Shoes

Revolutionizing Dance with Capezio Sneakers

For those expressing a preference for contemporary and multipurpose style, Capezio’s dance sneakers redefine the game. The Capezio DS11 Fierce Dansneaker exemplifies this by blending the solace of a sneaker with the adaptability of a dance shoe.

Children’s Special by Capezio

Catering to the requirement of comfort and quality for kids, Capezio also extends an extensive line of children’s dance shoes. Popular choices include Capezio Daisy 205 Ballet Shoe and Capezio Jr.Tyette N625C Tap Shoe.


Every Capezio Dance Shoes pair vouches for quality, durability, and elegance. Picking the right one can dramatically elevate a dancer’s performance, giving them a standout presence on the stage alongside exceptional comfort and ease. With a wide range of options, Capezio caters to all – be it a greenhorn learning their first steps or a veteran setting the stage on fire. Immerse yourself in the Capezio realm and allow your feet to find rhythm and style at once!

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